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Van Cleef & Arpels Midnight Extraordinary Series Watches For 2010

Van Cleef & Arpels Midnight Extraordinary Series Watches For 2010

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Check out the white faced watch in the middle. Everything seem normal, until you realize it is a promotional watch for what looks like "Mr. Poo." As his happy smiling, though somewhat uncomfortable looking face is stilling at around 3 o'clock nearer to the center of the dial. There is tons of amusing stuff like that on their website. Just check out the (new and old) products links.

See Casio G-Shock MT-G watches on Amazon here. Casio G-Shock MT-G MTG1100-1A Watch Watch Releases

Rogue Warrior Red Cell Watch Review

Rogue Warrior Red Cell Watch Review

Angular Momentum Eglomisé The Animal Portrait & Exotic Birds Collection Watches Available On James List Sales & Auctions

Inside the Spaceleader watch is an automatic ETA Valjoux 7750 chronograph movement. The watch also has a sapphire crystal and here is water resistant to 100 meters. Like the Spacematic, the Spaceleader will be limited to just 2012 pieces. Unlike the Spacematic watch, the Spaceleader has no "Cargo" movie branding on it. Just Fortis and Volkswagen design. That way, if the movie sucks, you can still enjoy the watch without being reminded of the failed film.  You can also feel good that captain of the space ship in the movie will be wearing this watch. I really think that it will be one of the hottest Fortis watches of the next year, and that they will be quickly snatched up quick. I would even go so far as to say that the watch will be a design classic in years to come.

Episode 4 of the quickly growing HourTime watch chat podcast show is up. This time we talk about why all the fuss with tourbillon watches, dos and don'ts with watch wearing, and the beginning of our holiday watch buying tips.

This is potentially the newest version of the RGM 300 Professional Diver's watch. The 300 watch important as being American RGM's first diving watch, and most agree that it was well done. It is a sober looking tool watch with cohesive lines, and a thick parts the communicate strength and quality. The original 300 Diver had lots of merit, including different dial options and a cool Blancpain Fifty Fathoms like canvas strap, or a metal bracelet as seen in the images. The watch has an ETA 2892 automatic movement that sits inside of the massively thick stainless steel case that is water resistant to 2,500 feet (750 meters) and is 42.3mm wide. Everything on the watch looks easy to operate including the large crown and easy to grip rotating bezel.

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While it is hard to categories the Kazimon Drei watch, it is easy to simple say that it is a nicely unique timepiece. With 100 meters of water resistance, it is good enough for most activities aside from deep diving. I imagine that the addition of screw down chronograph pushers would easily make this a bona fide dive chronograph watch. Best of all is the very reasonable price, that is actually lower than what I would have guess (usually it is the other way around with watch companies). Price is just ,790 when it is available soon.

Last Chance To Enter For the Free 2CAN Watch

Last Chance To Enter For the Free 2CAN Watch

So why does it look so good? Well part of it is what i think is the brain's ability to perceive complexity or "multi-function" in small spaces. A Rolex Daytona watch case is 40mm wide with the actual face being a bit less. This is all the room that Rolex has for a design, which is often viewed from third party people afar. The watch needs to be recognizable and readable, which I think is simply done easier in just two colors. Otherwise the brain begins to bleed shapes and design. Part of the success of this two-tone contrasting look is the historical success of these designs simply being the easiest to mentally decipher. If the brain could process shapes more adeptly using more colors in such a small space, then all this would be moot - but it is not.

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Free Orient Mako Automatic Diver Watch Giveaway

Free Orient Mako Automatic Diver Watch Giveaway

This was an important article for me to write as the concept of luxury Japanese watches has been on my mind a lot lately. I think you'll find it an interesting read. It rather well accumulates my dispersed thoughts on this topic of global sold Japanese luxury watches and our perception on them.

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Each of these three features is done is a different way adding a sense of variety to the dial. The case is nicely done set deep into the case with an attractive metal lined date window. Best of all is that the date disc is black to match the dial color. The little metal ring in the "porthole" is a nice touch making the date window look less like a gaping whole in the dial, and more like something that is supposed to be there. The only thing that Perrelet could have done to improve this was at a reserve magnifier lens on the rear of the crystal to help make reading the date easier. Opposite the date window is the day dial. It is very straight forward and simply - almost too simple. The small polished steel hand is clear, but feels like it should do something like underline the correct day. Again this could be just speculation, and Perrelet tired this with the present dial being the optimal day dial presentation. Lastly you have the Power reserve indicator that adds the splash of red color to the dial. You'll find that most luxury dressy watch have some hint of a third color on their dials to make them more interesting, red is a typical choice and "works as advertised" to spruce up dial designs. One of the nice things about a cushion shaped case versus as tonneau case is that you can have hands that are never too short. The hands here are the right length for this style watch and exhibit one addition feature that is pretty hard to find these days. Like classic watches, both the minute and seconds hand are bend down a bit toward the dial at the tips. This helps when reading the watch at angles as it more precisely shows you where the hands are falling on the dial. Like I said, this is a rare feature to find in today's watch and I really like that Perrelet included them in the watch. Many of these minor details that I have been pointing out are certainly indicative of one major thing: that Perrelet has watches designed by actual watch makers who are familiar with the basic principles of making a watch. Honestly, this is not always easy to come by.

Pocket watches today are admittedly rare, especially new ones. But here is an interesting one that is probably a good fit for anyone who might want one. Further, it houses the very first manually wound movement made by Orient. Until now, they have been making automatic movements (that don't feature hand winding). As far as pocket watches go, with Orient CDD00001W (which I will just refer to as the "Orient Pocket Watch") is relatively small. It is actually the size of a modern modestly sized watch at 40mm wide. A nice feature for those people who don't want to carry around large pocket watches. There is another reason for the small size. The Orient Caliber 48C40 movement is actually made to go into a watch. It just isn't in one yet (that I know of). It hearkens a future of more sophisticated movements made by the over 50 year old mechanical watch maker from Japan. Orient already makes a full line of nice mechanical watches, but I see them slowly moving up market a bit. The movement has a 40 hour power reserve, with a hour reserve indicator on the dial, and an escapement that beats are 21,600 bhp (beats/rotations per hour). Lastly, the movement features a hack seconds functions that stops the seconds hand when you full the crown out.

Bell & Ross BR01-92 & 94 All Carbon Fiber Watches Watch Releases

You also get profiles about the brands that are thankfully not written by the brands. It is a journalistic review in addition to all the great stuff inside. Plus, it is bound well and the pages have a nice gloss that make it nice to look through. I highly suggest you get one to check out, especially for watch reading when you are not at the computer. Plus, it is a great way for you to share your passion with friends. I tend to carry mine around for a few weeks to show people - no kidding. Oh, and check out the one page in there dedicated to!

Hautlence HL-Q Watch + Videos Watch Releases

Right around the movement in the watch is a special material called d30 (TM). It was originally developed for the British Army, and has an incredible amount of shock absorbency. The orange colored silly putty like material has the unique ability to go from hard to soft in a very fast time. Meaning that shock going to it makes the material soft for an instant before it is bounced back and dissipated while the material turns hard again. Applications for such materials are endless, and it is used fantastically as protection for a watch movement.

Mondaine Railway Sport Chrono II Ref. A690.30338.11SBM Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Here is one of those interesting watches that you'll dare not see being sold in America - at least most likely not. Which prompts me to remark once again, that there are many a splendid brand of timepiece that are simply not marketed or sold here in the States. So this is a watch by Zannetti, and determined Italian watch brand that I've spoken about before. This watch is the Squelette XL Automatic, and offers a nice set of easy to live with features. I like that, because it is an obviously avant garde watch, but you don't need to worry much about it being hard to live with.

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Angular Momentum Crown Jewels Of Nature Watches: Three Cockatoo Birds + One Watch Releases

Have you ever been interested in an IWC Portuguese watch but couldn't afford it, or didn't want to spend the money on it? For many people, this superb classic is the epitome of luxury and style, but sometimes it is too much luxury. There are actually not too many similar watches out there (especially when it comes to the non-chronograph versions). So it is a good thing that Jorg Gray thankfully steps in to this niche with the JG1060 line of watches. The  collection has a few varieties, and this pictured version is the Jorg Gray JG1060-20. For lovers of large watch out there who want something more classic in style - this is an ideal choice. The JG1060 watch is a massive 48mm wide! Really nice and big on your wrist. Other versions of the JG1060 range has different colors or slightly different dial designs - all IWC homages.