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Omega Speedmaster Buyer’s Guide Part 2


It is both an evolution and a revival, but there is something about a modern Pepsi bezel GMT-Master II that feels great. Rolex continues to show off its ability to mass-produce extremely high-quality sophisticated ceramic parts with a new ceramic bezel that is half blue and half red. This takes the modernization of historic designs full circle to the newest iteration of the GMT-Master II. The up and down of it is the 18k white gold case. For better or worse, Rolex made this iconic sport watch an exclusive luxury item because of its non-steel price. It is perhaps the least blingy high-end luxury watch of 2014 priced at around ,000 (36,500 Swiss Francs).

Both models have brown dials with gold hands and markers, giving the Bell & Ross BR 03 Golden Heritage watches a somewhat more dressy and old school vibe. Supported by the accessible 42 mm sizing, both of these models are quite wearable and make a great choice for anyone who digs the square case but might want a watch that is a little less casual than its siblings.

The truth is that Bremont is not alone in being unclear about its "in-house movements" and who they work with. What is unique to Bremont is how closely followed they are by the watch collector community, and that they serve as a role model for many upcoming brands who would love to achieve the success of Bremont. As a role model, they admit to making a mistake in the launch of the BWC/01 movement and we hope that moving forward they will have a better grasp of how to go about what is honestly a rather complex and delicate type of product launch. We look forward to seeing one of the Wright Flyer watches soon and hearing more about Bremont's developing in-house production capabilities.

Watch What-If: Omega Speedmaster Dark Side Of The Moon

Watch What-If: Omega Speedmaster Dark Side Of The Moon

The IWC Portuguese Yacht Club


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For the most part, the pre-owned watch industry gets shrouded with a veil of semi-legitimacy by the larger watch industry. There are some good and bad reasons for that. Basically, anything outside of the normal "authorized dealer" channels are vilified. Sadly, that is an over-inclusive mentality that causes a lot of legitimate and quality ways of buying a pre-owned watch to be shunned by consumers. What I did was talk to people who have a good reputation as sellers of pre-owned and vintage watches, who also engage in the practice of wanting to buy your watch.

Earlier in 2013, MB&F announced its first non-watch item, the MusicMachine produced in collaboration with the last remaining music box maker in Switzerland, Reuge. Anyone who has been around the watch circuit knows about Reuge because their products often appear at watch trade shows and in some high-end watch stores. Together with Reuge, MB&F released a space-themed music box (without the actual box) that played such classic romantic songs such as the theme from Star Wars (by John Williams) and Smoke on the Water (by Deep Purple). I know I get teary-eyed with nostalgia when I hear those.

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