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Baselworld 2013: Breitling Emergency II Watch Releases

These are all, of course, represented in the Sinn catalog. Photo credits for images in this article go to Zach Weiss by the way, and we appreciate his great shots. Surprisingly, for a brand that's "only" been around since the '60s, they have quite a variety of models as well - meaning those three attributes above are going to show up in a style of watch you'd want to have on your wrist.

A two-part question. If money were no object which single watch would each member of the aBlogtoWatch team own? If money were tight and you had only 00 to spend, which watch would you own?

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Omega Sedna Gold And Sochi Games Limited Edition Watches Announced Pre-Basel 2013 Watch Releases

Of late, Richemont-owned Baume & Mercier has been winning lots of new fans with their Capeland and recently announced Clifton collection. They have also since been moving upmarket, introducing in-house movements into some of their newest watches such as the Capeland Worldtimer. Founder of the popular Watchuseek forums, Ernie Romers, was recently invited to a special event held by Baume & Mercier in the Hague and he shares more about the company’s latest Clifton watches and his own thoughts about the brand.

Some hours later, I noticed the country near 11'o clock looked like Australia, then realized that all the cities around the flange, (or at least those I knew) were in the Southern Hemisphere, plus the fact that the words "Southern Hemisphere" is printed right there on the dial. We put two and two together and finally figured out how to read and set the watch. Next time we will let Montblanc and other brands brief us before getting into new pieces.

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EG: Yes - I would like to posses and understand the watch. In the meantime, it's something that makes us dream.

Where Are The Best Places In The World To Buy Watches?

Memorigin Military Tourbillon MO 0707 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Mixing a Swiss-made automatic movement and a uniquely designed case, the point of the Time Bomb II was to be original as well as useful enough for daily wear. The Time Bomb II exists in Oakley's "Elite" collection of products which are its highest-end items which tend to be pretty cool. Good materials and a lot of engineering seems to connect all the Elite products together.


Bell & Ross WW1-90-S Review Wrist Time Reviews

I came of age in the 1960’s and 1970’s in New England. If you asked most of my schoolmates back then what they wanted to be when they grew up, most would have said a fireman, policeman, cowboy, politician, lawyer, doctor, teacher, sailor…. just about anything but a watchmaker. The average age of watchmakers in the 1960’s and 1970’s was around 50 years old, and it seemed, at least in the United States, to be a dying breed, perhaps even an endangered species. Americans didn’t value watchmakers as highly skilled technicians, as they did in Switzerland and other European communities, they more or less saw them as the equivalent of a plumber, electrician, house painter or refrigerator repair man. Not something to strive for when you’re young …didn’t seem glamorous like a secret agent, lawyer, or computer punch card operator…. or something to get girls with like the lead singer of a rock band.

"One of the most common things I steal are watches" says renowned pickpocket Apollo Robbins. The famed master thief talks to New Yorker writer Adam Green in a new video and article discussing his honed craft. In the video Robbins demonstrates with incredible ease and agility how he is able to deftly remove a man's watch right off his wrist without suspicion.

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Interview With Oliver Ike About A. Manzoni & Fils Watches ABTW Interviews

What is "Air" about it? We don't really know, but the GPS satellite signals certainly move through the air. In a nutshell, the new Satellite Wave-Air has a more mainstream look, better technology, and a much friendlier price. Citizen explained to us how the Calibre H909 quartz movement was improved in the Wave-Air watch. Of course it contains Citizen's light-powered (to charge the battery) Eco-Drive technology. The improvements center around the watch's interaction with the GPS satellite signals. As it is, the watch must be manually set to receive the signals. This is due to battery power constraints. Citizen's tests have found that automatic syncing is too burdensome on the battery on average. That isn't a bit deal however, as to sync with the time no matter where you are on the planet, all you need to do is push one of the pushers. No fancy menu diving is required (thankfully!).

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One major difference between the two watches (that won't really realistically matter to anyone) is the difference in water resistance. The Gucci Dive is rated at 300 meters while the Sea Hawk is rated at 1000 meters. Having said that, both are still qualified as professional use divers under the ISO 6425 standard guidelines. So if you must go diving Gucci style, this is pretty much your best bet.

To some buyers and collectors, the provenance of a watch, meaning its origin and history, is important. If you are such a person, Ariel has compiled a list of ten such watches that are worth owning. To make the list, a watch must have history and still be made today. And to be absolutely clear, this list is by no means exhaustive, but for readers who are perhaps considering their first serious watch purchase, maybe this list could help point you in the right direction.

The Tech series shares the same 44 x 15mm case proportions as the rest of the SpidoLite II family and shares a similar look with a two-piece skeletonised dial, sub seconds at nine, and a date display at three. What sets the new Tech models apart is their high tech case construction, which is comprised of an inner case made of ALW (Alloy Linde Werdelin) and an outer case fashioned from forged carbon fibre. ALW is an metal alloy that Linde Werdelin reports to be 50% lighter than titanium while still being as strong as steel. The inner case assembly of the SpidoLite II Tech is hardened to offer a final assembly that is not only stronger than steel, but also colored either red or green (the colorful inner case can be seen through the skeletonised elements of the forged carbon exterior, very cool).