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PDF with more information about the Seiko Quartz Astron watch and its history here.

My Daniel Roth Athys Perpetual Calendar Watch Article On Haute Living

My Daniel Roth Athys Perpetual Calendar Watch Article On Haute Living

A lot went in to the durability of the watch. The case is 1000 meters water resistant, has shock protection, and is antimagnetic. The case also has a built-in helium escape valve. The sapphire crystal is domed a bit and 3mm thick. You have an overall very capable design, plus some unique little cues. Take for example the special caseback screw - shaped like the Kazimon logo, the tool shaped like a propeller fits into the back of the watch if you need to remove the case back and access the Swiss ETA 2824-2 movement.

Text on the dial is minimal. All you see is the reminder that the case is filled with krypton gas, and the star-like logo (likely meant to remind you of stars frequently used in the military) for Rogue Warrior Watches. At first I didn't get why the "krypton gas" label was on the dial (I will explain the purpose for the gas later), but I now get it. Having a case filled with the expensive gas means that you need to have a specialist replace the battery so that they can refill the gas after the open the watch. This way, you can, or whoever is going to change the battery can be aware that the case is filled with the gas as a reminder that it needs to be refilled. The battery for the Japanese quartz GMT movement is meant to last 3 years, and Rogue Warrior Watches will pay to change the battery the first time. You just send them the watch for a quick turn around. In the event you are in the field and need to make a quick emergency battery change, you can do so, but you'll lose the gas. Once you are back, just sent it back to Rogue Warrior Watches to "fill 'er up" again.

Vulcain Diver X-Treme Automatic Limited Edition Watch Watch Releases

Recorded on Christmas day, this is the last of the episodes that will have John out of the country with a bad Internet connection!

If there was ever a watch that defined a brand it is the Khaki line for Hamilton. They have actually imparted the "Khaki" name on scores of watches, but the Field Khaki is the basic original military watch that started the trend. A popular watch for decades the original models were tiny by today's comparisons often being 33mm wide. Those are smaller than most women's watches today. The New Hamilton Khaki Field Automatic will be available in two (reasonable) sizes at 40mm and 44mm wide. I would love to wear the 44mm wide version in this classic style. The watches also get a lot of upgrades. These include the sapphire crystals, applied hour markers and Swiss automatic ETA 2824-2 movements. This first line has a gun metal colored black PVD steel case - but I have a feeling that future models will adopt the original sandblasted steel look of the original models.

Please contactinfo@gnomonwatches.comfor pre-order information.

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I am proud to announce that I am now the watch editor for the prestigious luxury lifestyle magazine, Haute Living. The magazine is unique for having a series of regional editions which include Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and Miami. There is of course, also a national edition of the magazine. I will writing about a few watches in issue. Those articles will be republished on Haute Living's blog located here. I hope to bring a more interesting and conversational tone to the discussion of luxury watches in "print" arena, with a focus on topics for dedicated watch lovers, and those fresh to the passion.

i-toc Watch Review

i-toc Watch Review

I really wish I could read French right now. It seems that even though I am an attorney I don't quite understand this case. First is the language barrier, and second is the legal barrier.  UPDATE: I've learned that the translated text was so confusing that I got the facts (not the law) of this case wrong. To please see the updated version as follows...

Bid now Seiko Izul, The Coolest Watch You've Never Heard Of (And Can't Get) Watch Releases
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Seiko Izul, The Coolest Watch You've Never Heard Of (And Can't Get) Watch Releases
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Seiko Izul, The Coolest Watch You've Never Heard Of (And Can't Get) Watch Releases
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- Valgranges A07.111 - Hour, minute, second and date.
- Valgranges A07.161 - Hour, minute, second, date and power reserve.
- Valgranges A07.171 - Hour, minute, second, date and 24 hour hand with second time mechanism.
- Valgranges A07.211 - Hour, minute, second, date and chronograph.

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Seiko Luxury Watches

Seiko Luxury Watches

Maitres du Temps Watch Maker Family Together, Going Over Chapter Two Watch Watch Releases

This watch comes with a great back story. A tale of a man they called crazy. A tale of a man, who probably is crazy, but we can all love him for that. It all started with Romain Jerome and their previous 'lord & ruler,' Yvan Arpa. The watch community generally has the perception that Yvan Arpa is a bit of an... eccentric. One who creates ideas that are pretty wild. Half the time the ideas work, the other times, they most surely don't. One example of a failed idea was an all rusted watch (on the outside) enclosed in a hermetically sealed glass case. The idea was that once the glass was broken, the watch inside was guaranteed to work. To make a long story short, once some wild and wealthy people bought and subsequently broke the glass, the watch did not work at all - having been totally rusted through.

Urwerk UR-CC1 King Cobra Linear Time Watch Watch Releases

Heads up Magrette fans, your favorite New Zealand watch maker is about to release a new limited edition model - their first diving watch. Being an enthusiastic lover of diving watches, I am thrilled. Best part is that in addition to the watch being a new model, the case and dial are much upgraded, taking the brand to yet another high level. The watch is the Magrette Moana Pacific Diver, the a new diving watch version of the Moana Pacific watch that I reviewed here. I continue talking about Magrette watches because I keep hearing from my reader that you love them - good thing I share the same sentiment.

What? I can't write a woman's watch review because I am a man? Sure I can. I would guess that half of all women's watches are bought by men for women. Which is also actually probably true about women buying men's watch for men. Plus, there's the fact that most of you are men, so you wouldn't be buying this watch for yourself. Unless you REALLY like the watch. This Orient Ladies' Automatic (CDB01005W) is a really good watch for the money - which retails for 0, but goes for about 0 - 5 at most retailers. The design is modeled after some familiar women's watches from makers like Hamilton (think the women's Jazzmaster), Frederique Constant, and others like the Zenith El Primero Star Open watch series. The homage to these other fine watches is just fine, because Orient really does a good job of capturing a great look for a value price. The watches even have an Orient Japan -made automatic movement inside (the Orient Calibre 46A40). There are two views to the movement on the watch. This is sometimes called an "open heart" watch - as the window on the dial reveals the balance wheel and escapement in action (which is the "heart" of the watch). Another heart-shaped window on the rear of the watch provides another view into the movement.

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Free Orbita Sparta 1 Mini Watch Winder Giveaway

Free Orbita Sparta 1 Mini Watch Winder Giveaway

Looking at the watch from the side you can tell that the crystal is convex a bit which gives it a nice look. Still, it is AR coated for a clear view into the face. The dial is laid out well - though it has a unique look. This was likely a tough task. Arabic numerals for the hour markers are covered in lume so thick they pop off the dial. The chronograph dials are easy to read and I appreciate the wealth of marks on those subdials. You also get the red framed date window that looks nice with a date disc that is black to match the dial of the watch. No doubt that this watch is totally an aviator in fashion. The thick leather strap has the iconic rivet screw on each band with white contrast stitching. There is also an available metal bracelet which I suspect is Tutima signature style with many little links.

A lot of the appeal comes from the good looking case. It is 44mm wide, 54mm tall, and a massive 18.4mm thick! Awesome. The case is make out of two metals. Mixing steel or 18k rose gold with titanium. Each of the model styles looks good, and I believe there are a few more than are pictured. On the top is the marketing photo of the watch from Vulcain, and the rest of the watch shots are taken of the actual models by Ernie Romers over at while he was at Basel. I like that the timepieces look good in reality as well as mere concept. The only non extreme feature of the watch is that it is not not an uber-rugged diver only having 100 meter of water resistance. That is probably OK though, because if you were to actually do diving with it - you could subject it to light depths and such with no problems. Last, the watch is matched to a cool looking rubber diver's strap or calf leather strap - both with matching folding deployments. As cool as this watch is, it will likely be pricey. Retail is probably over ,000. Plus it will only be limited to 150 pieces. Going to be a fascinating collectors watch and an overall nice diver from Swiss Vulcain.

Omega is the official timekeeper of the Olympics, now they have a collection of mainstream watches to tout this... chronographs, seven days and Olympic rings are involved.

Red8 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Getting a modified Rolex watch is pretty appealing. Handling them myself I got pretty excited about them. It is like taking something ultra popular and trendy, and giving it a special twist that makes them unique.  The newest venture from Time and Gems is a DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) coated line of Rolex watches that are in all black cases with the original Rolex dials (to protect quality). The cases are the original Rolex cases that have been specially coated with the ultra tough material. You can click on the link above for a bit more information on DLC. In short, the material is very scratch resistant and wear resistant. The finish is a sort of matte. Time and Gems calls it "stealth finish." It mixes quite well with the naturally dark, high-contrast tones of the dials.  The results are particularly impressive, and for most people they are something easily recognized as very desirable.

Longio SG3824E Automatic Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

Traser H3 Aviator Bücker Watch Collection Watch Releases

CX Swiss Military 20,000 Feet Diver Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

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