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Plus, there is a Vittorium Deep Diver. Very neat looks makes this 47mm wide timepiece one of the most unique affordable Swiss dive watches of the year. Priced at 5. Learn more at Vittorium here.

Once again proof that Japan gets much cooler stuff than we do here in the West. I still wonder why that is, and the best reason I can come up with is that collector types in Japan are willing to spend more in items such as these Resident Evil themed timepieces. In the 1990s Capcom (a video game developer) first released their landmark series of video games called Resident Evil, though in Japan it was called Biohazard (and sometimes Resident Evil: Biohazard).

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Up until 2001, Zenith made classic Swiss-style watches: dressy, understated, usually less than 38mm, in-house movements with excellent finishes. In 2001, Thierry Nataf took over as CEO and, until early 2009, took the brand in an entirely new direction: Huge, flamboyant watches with big names and brazen designs. Like this one:

The overall picture given by the retailers seems to be that customers are overwhelmingly interested in both the inner workings of watches and brand stories and histories. This would contradict statements that many consumers (at least in the US) buy just for looks or brand names. Customers expect a high level of knowledge from retailers, but often because they have a high-level of knowledge themselves. Being able to connect mentally with a retailer who has a product that a consumer wants is a key factor in purchases.

Overall a very nice watch, it is also very expensive. That isn't the case for all Vulcain watches, but this Ref. 220536.269L Anniversary Heart Automatic Calendar watch retails for a hefty ,650.

Helson Blackbeard Chronograph Watch Review

Helson Blackbeard Chronograph Watch Review

One result of the surveys was the discovery of an important fact that I cannot stress enough. Whether it is surprising or not, the overwhelming consensus among everyone I interviewed was that watch-educated consumers not only buy more watches, but buy more expensive watches. Education in this context really means how much information and knowledge a specific consumer has about timepieces in general, mechanical movements, and brand history/values. We are not talking about book smarts or IQ.

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Each watch has a different caseback engraving. The cases are water-resistant to 777 meters (basically 800 meters) and have automatic helium escape valves. The dials have applied hour indicators and lots of lume. I like how Perrelet took their signature hands and made them a bit more rugged looking for the dive style of the watch. One fun little detail is the almost fancy font used for the date.

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There's also the nifty gimballed tourbillon, the Christophe Coulomb:

Inside the watch is a Swiss Sellita Sw 200 automatic movement (ETA 2824 basically) that has apparently been Teutonically modified by Muhle Glashutte. Changes includes a custom rotor and a "woodpecker neck regulation." Last I checked this was called "swan neck regulation." Are woodpeckers more German than swans? Is this a joke or an actually different movement part? I don't really know.

Thank to Phosphor for the review unit. Opinions are 100% independent.

Hautlence HL2 Watch Prototype

Hautlence HL2 Watch Prototype

LUM-TEC Combat B7 Watch Review Wrist Time Reviews

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Barrel with slipping spring

A talking piece for editorial coverage and a unique timepiece with high collectors value

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For years I have admired the Gefica almost as an icon. The design was so vivid to me I almost didn't want to disgrace it by wearing it. While the case was designed from the ground up to be ergonomic, you rarely see people wearing these. It really takes a strong personality to match wits with this watch. The classic Gefica from the 1980s was impressive for its design, but this 2000's era Gefica Bi-Retro is a landmark.

Please enjoy the following article by Jason Cormier of Matt Baily who sells watches in Canada. He is a vintage watch lover (lots of love to Rolex it seems) and natural born historian.

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The dial is pretty much modeled about its Rolex counterpart. The hour indicators are applied and they (along with the hands) are coated in SuperLumiNova. The dial is a very matte black and is easy to read. Of course it isn't the exact same as the Rolex, but is charmingly "reminiscent." Unlike many GMT bezels, this one only spins in one direction, but has a nice action to it that feels secure. If you don't want the red/blue "Pan Am" bezel, Debaufre has black bezels or black and red bezels available.

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Dial/Hands: Matt black, flange with Calculator slide-rule scale hands
Arabic numerals and indices with Superluminova white
green afterglow in the darkness
Second-hand white, GMT hand orange